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When designing the ship used by the Earth Salvage Corporation I decided I wanted it to have a more military feel. Although the salvagers are not military

they do have to sometimes protect themselves from unknown threats. I decided to look at Modern Fighter Jets to see if I could come up with a rough sketch.  The sketch I came up with I decided to try colouring it digitally in Photoshop.


spaceship warship dropship hovercraft space cruiser battle ship fighter hyper jet concept art design star wars trek 2 movie dsng lion_mk2 by karanak copy



I took inspiration from various sources, mainly military aircraft.











Sites Visited



I first heard of Paths of Hate about a year ago, I tried looking for it on youtube at the time but could only find the trailer. Well since seeing the trailer, I’ve been eagerly awaiting it to appear on youtube. And Finally it has. I must say, it’s quite an amazing animated short film, I have a passion for history, In particular  War History was a subject I’m very interested in, especially   World War Two. This animation is about two pilots playing a game 0f cat and mouse. It’s a game of death. Both of the characters appear equal in the viewers affection, your not really rooting for anybody, in fact it does make you question humanity and how pointless it is to kill each other in wars. The Two pilots are blinded by pure rage and hate. Even after running out of bullets the hate is too great to let it go. The film is directed by Damian Nenow from Polish production house Platige Image.  I really liked his stylisation of the film, he went for a heavily stylised hand drawn look instead of a strict photo real one. It was all animated and modelled in 3ds max, To be honest watching it makes me wish I could create what he did. But it did take a full year of pre-production and he already had the idea years earlier. I look forward to his first feature film “Another Day Of Life” which is in development. I’m no sure what stage.



I Also found the making of it, he even goes through some of the techniques used in 3ds max to achieve the look he was going for.

Sites Visted: Youtube

Having looked at other animations I’ve done, I would say this is as far as I can go with my creature design. I think
the design was ok as in It can walk, crouch down and jump, among other things, but it was far from perfext, the tenticals were the hardest part, they often got in the way, I learned from Inudstry reearch that tenticals are conispered the hardest part of any creature animation envoling them. Gareth edwards encountered the very same problem when doing monsters. I however at this stage had no choice but to continue on the path I’d chosen.

After rendering the animation, I realise there are many faults with it. The tenticals sometimes go throw the gemoetry which automatically makes it look fake. but I found contoling the tenticals procedurally through the motion tab to be too hard. I attempted it but it just caused more problems. I’n future I don’t think I would attept which complex things as tenticals without knowing how to properly rig them and create controls for them. I did look online and while youtube had some lovely rigs of tenticals, none of the videos showed you how to do it. I did find one video that was similar but it wasn’t what I was looking for.


Research Into Movement:

I came up with quite a few different designs for the concept art of Athlon and what it would look like. I ended up changing the design a few more times. Here are two more designs for my world.

The first one is showing a landing ship in between the terrain on Athlon

The next Design I choose for colour trials. I liked this design the best because in my mind it looks closer to what I was trying to achieve in the overall design process. I wanted to show a desolate planet, one where if you get in trouble, your on your own. I think I came up with that in my last design.


Colour Trials

Below are some of the colour trials of my world concept. Although researching deserts around earth I didn’t want the colours on my alien planet

to be too similar to Earth tones, So In some instances I went a bit extreme in the colour palette.










Links To sites visited:

I was looking at possible designs of space suits that could be worn by the deep space salvage crew. I didn’t want the suits to look like they do now presently. And I didn’t want them to look hyper futuristic. When searching for ideas to look at, I decided to look at old deep sea diving suits. These suits remind me of the big daddy from Bioshock. I always liked the steam punk feel of the game. Although technically speaking a diving suit is designed very different from a space suit, they both have similarities. Obviously this may not be 100% realistic but sci-fi often mixes with fantasy so it’s the best of both.

Above is an old french deep sea diving suit, it’s one of the strangest designs I’ve seen. It’s inspired by jules verne 20000 leagues under the sea. It’s

The one above is from the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. It looks more like a robot than a diving suit but I do like the design.

Here is another strange attempt at a diving suit.



A more modern diving suit. (above)

Here are some concepts of suits used by the earth salvage corporation. I took inspiration from wacky looking diving suits
from various decades. I of course also took inspiration from movies like Prometheus and the Abyss are some concepts of suits used by the earth salvage corporation. I took inspiration from wacky looking diving suits from various decades. I of course also took inspiration from movies like Prometheus and the Abyss


Apart from it’s walking stride cycle, I wanted to create some real movements of how the creature would climb over things. The Norc is a very agile creature, it’s long thin legs are quite flexible with lot’s of tiny bones.

Here is another animation of the Norc Creature. The Norc is walking through the old Athlon city. It has long strides of around 20 meters apart. It moves very slowly.

This is a walk cycle of the creature strolling through the old city left behind by the former population. When I first started the sketch, in my mind the strides would be short and quick. But while using the CAT rig, I decided I wanted it to be long and low like a towering monster silently coming towards you.

Scan 2

Apart from looking at real life locations for inspiration. I also looked at other movies in the sci-fi genre that would inspire me. Prometheous for me was a fantastic movie. Atcually when I was watching it, it wasn’t the acting or the action taking place on screen that made an impact on me, it was the environment, for me it was the best part of the movie, it looked beautiful, well to me it did, Beach goers might disagree. When it came to creating my world, Prometheus was the first thing I though of, because I had a fondness for how it was designed.

Below is some concept art from the movie that i’ve been looking at. In Particular, I was looking at the Grey and blue tones, It looks like a very cold planet with a harsh enviorment.


Here is an old south Park Animation I did a while back. I was really into South Park at the time and wanted to create an animation based on their style.Here it is

It was created using Photoshop and After Effects. I don’t know how to use flash so I just used the 3d camera (2.5D really) to create depth in Z-space. I then animated the characters parenting all the limbds to the body, the head to the body and the eyes and mouths to the head. I then keyframed them to move, Normally this would be a crazy painstaking thing to do in after effects, however with it being South Park, the chacters don’t actually move that much so it was not so bad animating it.

I came acros a few places of interest, in China and Maylasia.I was looking for large rocky areas with tall rocky structures. Below are some pictures I’ve used as refferences in my own designs, These strange rocky peaks are locared in china. I wanted something exotic for my out of this world location I’m designing. To me these stange mountains almost look alien in themselves.

In China the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a popular place to visit because of the strangely shaped mountains. These strange pillars are formed through years of erosion. The foliage is thick and dense around the pillars because of the moisture in the air.

The mountains were also what inspired the film avatar’s Hallelujah Mountains design. However on earth the mountains don’t float.


This imagine in partocualr really is helping with my concept work, The world I’m creating, is a moist rocky enviornment with lots of moist air due to the condensation caused by the carbon dioxide in the air

Here are some sketches and colour trials of various rock formations. Since Ahlon is mostly desert I wanted to try and look at different shapes of rocks as well as experiment with their colour.

green rocks illumrocks

redrocks Scan 8


I decided to do some more concept work for the environment I was working on. I looked at how rocks interacted with each other, how they looked

in different arrangements, the shadows they cast and how light effects them depending on the distance from view. I started with a sketchy drawing and then did and grey scale version as well as a few colour versions.


Scan 9 Gray_land colour_land 2 colour_land_01 brown_land