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I first heard of Paths of Hate about a year ago, I tried looking for it on youtube at the time but could only find the trailer. Well since seeing the trailer, I’ve been eagerly awaiting it to appear on youtube. And Finally it has. I must say, it’s quite an amazing animated short film, I have a passion for history, In particular  War History was a subject I’m very interested in, especially   World War Two. This animation is about two pilots playing a game 0f cat and mouse. It’s a game of death. Both of the characters appear equal in the viewers affection, your not really rooting for anybody, in fact it does make you question humanity and how pointless it is to kill each other in wars. The Two pilots are blinded by pure rage and hate. Even after running out of bullets the hate is too great to let it go. The film is directed by Damian Nenow from Polish production house Platige Image.  I really liked his stylisation of the film, he went for a heavily stylised hand drawn look instead of a strict photo real one. It was all animated and modelled in 3ds max, To be honest watching it makes me wish I could create what he did. But it did take a full year of pre-production and he already had the idea years earlier. I look forward to his first feature film “Another Day Of Life” which is in development. I’m no sure what stage.



I Also found the making of it, he even goes through some of the techniques used in 3ds max to achieve the look he was going for.

Sites Visted: Youtube


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