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Having looked at other animations I’ve done, I would say this is as far as I can go with my creature design. I think
the design was ok as in It can walk, crouch down and jump, among other things, but it was far from perfext, the tenticals were the hardest part, they often got in the way, I learned from Inudstry reearch that tenticals are conispered the hardest part of any creature animation envoling them. Gareth edwards encountered the very same problem when doing monsters. I however at this stage had no choice but to continue on the path I’d chosen.

After rendering the animation, I realise there are many faults with it. The tenticals sometimes go throw the gemoetry which automatically makes it look fake. but I found contoling the tenticals procedurally through the motion tab to be too hard. I attempted it but it just caused more problems. I’n future I don’t think I would attept which complex things as tenticals without knowing how to properly rig them and create controls for them. I did look online and while youtube had some lovely rigs of tenticals, none of the videos showed you how to do it. I did find one video that was similar but it wasn’t what I was looking for.


Research Into Movement:


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