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I came acros a few places of interest, in China and Maylasia.I was looking for large rocky areas with tall rocky structures. Below are some pictures I’ve used as refferences in my own designs, These strange rocky peaks are locared in china. I wanted something exotic for my out of this world location I’m designing. To me these stange mountains almost look alien in themselves.

In China the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a popular place to visit because of the strangely shaped mountains. These strange pillars are formed through years of erosion. The foliage is thick and dense around the pillars because of the moisture in the air.

The mountains were also what inspired the film avatar’s Hallelujah Mountains design. However on earth the mountains don’t float.


This imagine in partocualr really is helping with my concept work, The world I’m creating, is a moist rocky enviornment with lots of moist air due to the condensation caused by the carbon dioxide in the air

Here are some sketches and colour trials of various rock formations. Since Ahlon is mostly desert I wanted to try and look at different shapes of rocks as well as experiment with their colour.

green rocks illumrocks

redrocks Scan 8


I decided to do some more concept work for the environment I was working on. I looked at how rocks interacted with each other, how they looked

in different arrangements, the shadows they cast and how light effects them depending on the distance from view. I started with a sketchy drawing and then did and grey scale version as well as a few colour versions.


Scan 9 Gray_land colour_land 2 colour_land_01 brown_land



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