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My main creature concept which I plan on developing is going to have tenticles. From my research on movment and walk cycles I have been looking at how the creature walks and also, how it hunts, and captures it’s pray as well as it’s overal general movement.

I know that animating the tenticals would be a hard Job, so I looked at various sources. Gareth Edwards also had this problem and came up with an interesting solution. Below is a video of what i’m trying to achieve for some of the tenticales

My main creature is similar in that it’s essentially a squid like creature with Jellyfish like tenticles but has six legs, so It walks like an arachnid. I know how I want it to move, I’m going to be creating a simple walk cycle soon. Iyt will be based on my own research into movement and also the reseach I did online, looking particulairly at Japanese Spider Crab which captures the movement exactly how I want it.

This is my first tenticale test. It’s not that great. I basically drew out a line path around the tea put and deformed a long cylinder to follow it’s path. This meant the cylinder acting as my tenticale would constrain to the line which was wrapped around the teapot. I then used MassFX, I used the cloth plugin to make the cylinder behave like rope, but I set the gravity to zero, This created the weightless effect. I liked the randomness generated by the physics simulation but I Also liked the fact I had some controle over it’s path. It doesn’t look good the way it is, but I hope to perfect the technique in my own time even when the assignement is over. For my next test I want to get the tenticles to wrap around the teapot and pick it up.

Here is another test I did using a CAT rig, I created a pelvis and added tails it, I set them to behave like tenticals from within the motion tab in max which can controle the way in which the CAT rig animates.

ok… so I had a look into max and decided to try and use one of the preset cat rigs which might be something I could use. I found the spider preset. I used the cat spider rig to start off with. My creature is simialr to a spider but it has only six legs, not eight, so I removed a pair of limbs. Next I reshaped the rig and moved all the joints of the limbs into a position I wanted. My creature walks more like a spider crab which is underwater most of the time, these creatures move very slowly and graceful, they have an almost weightless bonouce to their strides. I tried using the Cat rig controles to controle the movement of the rig. Below are the results. This is my first attempt, It’s kind of got the look i’m going for but it’s far from what I want.


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