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While researching creature concepts I found myself firstly looking at real life, however even in reality, sometimes strange things can happen. Below is a picture of a fish which scientists couldn’t identify, the fish in question, had really weird human looking Teeth.

It’s scary to look at, even more scary than if the fish had sharp pointy Jaws like teeth. The reason is it’s unnatural. It doesn’t look right, a fish having human teeth. It reminded me of a movie called the Myst, in in there’s these spiders who also have very human looking teeth, and that image stayed with me because I remember it freaking me out. Below is an image of one of these spiders.

What I like about the creature below is it’s just a sea cucumber, it’s a amazing, lives of animal droppings that fall down into the sea. What’s amazing is it has transparent skin, so you can see it’s insides. The bit in the middle looks a little like an intestine.

Stills taken from websites:

Fish with Human Teeth (

Spider from the Myst (

Sea Cucumber (


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