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One of my creature concepts involves tentacles, these tentacles will be used for all sorts of behaviours, from grabbing food to eat to feeling around the layout of a room. When looking at tentacles three creatures came to mind, an Octopus, a Squid and a Jellyfish, the first two are similar in the way the tentacles behave. The Jellyfish however behaves in a very different way. I’ll explain.

Here is a very of a Jelly Fish Eating, or catching it’s food. I’ve avoid the word prey, because prey suggests that a Jellyfish hunts. But to hunt you need a brain and a thought process. A Jellyfish has neither. Jellyfish aren’t even fish they are plankton. Their tentacles don’t really search out food, it’s more like a fishing net, when fish float near them, the sensors in the tentacles react, stinging and grabbing the fish, it’s all pretty mus
much automated.

A few of my designs feature spider legs or something similar along those lines. I was looking at various videos and came across a sea creature called a Japanese Spider Crab. Below is a video showing how it walks under water. The movement is similar to a spider but with it being underwater, it’s very slow.

An Octopus is also a creature like the Jellyfish who uses tentacles. However it’s tentacles work different and are much more complex. The Octopus has intelligence and a brain, so unlike the Jellyfish it can control each tentacle all at the same time. In the Video it feels around the floor looking for away out. One of it’s tentacles enters the water and then the whole Octopus shifts direction towards the water.

Video taken from Youtube (
Video taken from Youtube (
Video taken From Youtubr (



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