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Balancing on one foot was challenging to animate, Below is my first attempt to do so. The premise of the premise of the animation was to have the character try and avoid stepping on deadly land mines. Firstly I set my main keyframes between each pose. I wanted to try get the overal timings nailed first before any tweeking of the inbetween frames. Looking at it, it’s clear there are more than a few things wrong with the animation. The movement of the character lacks inpact and is not very interesting. There’s no Dynamic to it, making it rather dull.

I wanted to try making it better. Firstly I acted out the motion myself, balancing on one foot and looking down imagining i’m trying to avoid something on the floor. I could feel how my joints and muscles twisted and how my knee bent it places. Keeping balace was difficult, often leaning back to counterbalance. Below is my next attempt, this time I tried to add more randomness to the movement to make it less predictable. I tightened some keyframes and their timings at certain points to try to create some dynamic movment. Such as loosing balance temporairly. It kind of worked at certain points but it produced jerky results. I also tried to pay attention to squah and stretch, making sure the knees bent at the right time and then extended to help with blanacing.  This time I based my animation on a giant worried about stepping onto the people below.

My last attempt wasn’t an absolute victory, there are many areas it can be improved upon. The timing could of been better done, when the car drives under the giants foot. Also the recoil from the moment of imbalance could have been animated better.


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